Fickle Friday

By Peg on

8:45 update: It is snowing those tiny little flakes that add up and make it fun. Visibility is 400 yards and there’s a little SW wind on top of the mountain, calm on the slopes. Groomers reporting in this Friday morning at 5 am with variable conditions. Weather is changing as most of the mountain has unlimited visibility, but on the very top there’s a cloud settled over and moving up and down. Just a trace of snow to report as it tried to get something going about 3 am and soon petered out. There’s a bit of wind swirling 3-7mph. The weather report calls for snow to happen by noon, temperature has risen overnight and also changing top to bottom. Yesterday was a surprise as skies cleared and it was a beautiful day to enjoy the new snow. Be sure to check web cam and weather station to get a current picture of conditions. The new snow mixed in beautifully for groomers to lay out great corduroy for you to ride. Tomorrow is Winterfest with the Family Cup Race and Sportsman Ski Haus Demo Day. Check the schedule of events on our home page. Our great Khorus Eye photographer will be taking photos on the slopes, of the race and at the awards. Catch up with them for a family picture on the snow.