off & on snowing 2/13/13

By Peg on

8:50 update: Snow has been coming in bands, up to at least an inch now. It is gusting at the top, there are going to be some awesome stashes. Currently sunshine/clouds. Groomers reporting in at 5am this Wednesday morning with light snow falling. There’s a half an inch on the stakes of fresh that has… (keep reading)

Sunday 2/10, Mardi Gras continues

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9:30 update: Sun is shining, temperatures warmning and wind calm. WAHOO! Groomers reporting in this Sunday morning at 5 am with an inch of new snow on the 24 hour stake. Yesterday snow fell through the afternoon tapering off in the evening. Visibility is unlimited with stars above and no clouds to be seen at first… (keep reading)

Saturday 2/9, Marti Gras

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Big fluffy flakes falling for the half day!! Groomers reporting in under a clear starry sky this Saturday morning at 5 am. A trace of new snow with just a few patchy clouds. The forecast calls for clouds to increase and light snow to develop by afternoon and continue through the night.  Corduroy is tilling out nicely on… (keep reading)

Friday 2/8

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opening update: 9:15 SUN’S SHINING, get up and enjoy before system moves in from the north later this evening bringing chance of snow. Groomers reporting in this Friday morning with a trace of new snow at 5 am. The clouds are high and the temperature 20 degrees, winds calm. Machines have been rolling out the corduroy… (keep reading)

Thrifty Thursday Feb 7th

By Steve on

8:20 Update: The skies have cleared and the visibility is now unlimited, the wind is currently less than 5mph from the South. Groomers reporting in at 5am Thursday morning with one inch of new snow on the 24 hr stake and a trace overnight. It is currently snowing lightly with light wind out of the… (keep reading)

Wednesday Feb 6th

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8:30 update: The snow has stopped and the skies have cleared. There’s been about an inch of snow since the 5am report. Groomers reporting in at 5am this morning a trace of new snow and it is currently snowing. We can’t call it a powder Wed yet, maybe it will turn into one before the… (keep reading)