Sunday Feb. 3rd

By Steve on

8am update:¬†High clouds have moved in since the 5am report. Its still going to be a great day. Its going to be another day of sunshine and great Northslope snow. There is no better way to pregame the Superbowl than spending¬†the day in the sun on your skis or snowboard. And yes it will be… (keep reading)

Saturday February 2nd

By Peg on

8:30 update: Clouds have moved out, wind is gone and it is a beautiful day! Groomers reporting in this Saturday morning at 5am under high clouds with no new snow to report. High pressure has started to build and there is a bit of a wind from the south. With new snow this week conditions… (keep reading)

First Friday February

By Peg on

Groomers reporting in this first Friday of February at 5 am. with 2 inches of new snow. A half inch of snow fell during the day Thursday and snow was falling when they fired up the cats at midnight, got pretty organized until 3am and has been lightly falling since. The forecast calls for high… (keep reading)