Sunday 3-3

By Peg on

9:00 update: CLOSED FOR THE DAY DUE TO POWER OUTAGE. Power company has not been able to restore power at this time and the decision has been made to close the area today. 8:30 update: power is still out. Wind has laid down a bit. Waiting for power company crews to locate the source of outage. POWER IS CURRENTLY OUT ON THE MOUNTAIN AT 7AM. We are waiting on the power company to locate the outage. Gusty swirling winds 20mph. Will update as soon as issue is resolved. Groomers reporting in at 5:20am with an inch of new snow and snowing hard. Visibility reduced due to heavy snow and wind brisk with gusts 10-15 mph. The temperatures have been falling all night, currently 25 degrees. Will report in with update closer to opening as intensity of snow falling has been building. March is known for its big snow dumps!