3-22 Friday

By Peg on

3:30 update: What a day we have had today, everything from sunshine to snowfall and absolutely beautiful conditions. It is dumping snow, having accumulated several inches this afternoon the result of lake-effect snow. Forecast is for the Flathead lake-effect showers to continue into tomorrow morning with possible heavy accumulation. It is going to be a most excellent day for the Blacktail Mini Shred Slope Style Event! Sun popping through! 9:45 update: word from patrol is  half to an inch of cold smoke, excellent conditions on runs, glades really nice as well. 8:40 update: it is so CALM the windsock is hanging straight down and snow is lightly sifting down. Going to be a great day, beautiful snow. Groomers reporting in this Friday morning at 5am under high clouds with half an inch of new snow on the 24 hour stake. There have been a few flurries during the night with clouds high and lights of the valley visible. There’s fresh corduroy rolled out for your carving pleasure. Winds have died down today as winter has settled in with cool temperatures and dry snow. Winds with new snow the last few days filled the glades in to where they’re like new. Tomorrow is the Mini Shred Slope Style Event in the terrain park. Preparations shaping up, it is going to be a fun time for participants and observers. 2013-14 Season Passes on sale, purchase now and use for the rest of this season.