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2:00 update: Snowing again, 11 degrees F, no wind, FABULOUS. 9:30 update: Layer hanging in over the mountain top, visibility 1/4 mile, no longer snowing, light wind 3-4 mph from the south. Temperature at 10 degrees F. Groomers reported in at 5am this Friday morning the last day of January with 10 inches of new snow… (keep reading)

1/30/14 Thrifty Thursday

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9:15 update: It is still snowing big beautiful flakes. Temperature has fallen to 8 degrees F. As usual with north wind, seems to loose its gusto on its way down the valley, it’s slight at 5mph from the north. Groomers reporting in this morning at 5 am with 11 inches of new snow on the… (keep reading)


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1:00 update: The snow is adding up and it is better by the minute, floating through and loving it on the slopes. Wind has picked up a bit, still mostly protected on the runs. Groomers reporting in this Wednesday morning at 5 am with powder in the making. It has just started dumping in the last hour… (keep reading)

Sunday 1/26/14

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8:30 am update: There is a moist layer hanging over the mountain with visibility reduced to 1/4 mile, no wind and temperature holding at 20 degrees F. Groomers reporting in at 5am are able to see the lights of Kalispell through a thin layer of clouds with clouds above as well. The temperature is 20… (keep reading)


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Groomers reporting in this Saturday morning at 5am with the temperature reading 20 degrees F, same as it has been at this time all week, clear sky above,  little breeze and no new snow. Change is a’comin however with Canadian cold front headed down later tonight bringing the likelyhood of snow. High pressure is loosening… (keep reading)


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9:15 update: Completely above the blanket of inversion with a few wispy clouds above and sun poking through. Groomers reporting in this Friday morning at 5 am with 20 degrees F on the thermometer, slight wind on mountain top at 3 mph from the south, calm on the slopes. Bright moon and stars above, the clouds are… (keep reading)

1/23/14 Thrifty Thursday

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8:30 update: Sitting above a big pillow of inversion. Temperature warmed to 20 degrees and the windsock is hanging straight down. It is going to be a good one, get up here for THRIFTY THURSDAY. Groomers reported in this morning at 5 am with the temperature at 18 degrees F. Just a touch of snow… (keep reading)