By Peg on

Wind began whipping after 1pm,  patrol began the process of pulling lines when power went out due to trees across lines miles away on the Blacktail Road. Soooo….  the Mountain closed. FEC still working on restoring power at 5am indicated that they would have power back for Sunday operation– stay tuned. 1:00 update: Crystal lift is closed due to increased wind. 8am update: Wind has picked up on the mountain top, coming from the south 10mph with gusts to 20mph. Plenty of north slope protected from the wind, it is snowing like crazy! Groomers reporting in this Saturday morning at 5 am with 7 inches of snow on the 24 hour stake, 3 inches over night while snow was still coming down. Visibility reduced due to snow falling. Wind at 10mph from the south on top and 3mph on the slopes where not protected by north facing aspect. There is a bit of swirling around and drifting of fluffy powder. The forecast calls for snow to fall through the day. Lots going on today with Snow Sports 5/10 week Programs and Sportsman Ski Haus DEMO DAY.