By Peg on

SPORTSMAN BACK WITH DEMOS!! 10:40 update: Crystal lift reopened. Thunderhead reports the Glades look untouched. 9:30 Decision has been made to close the Crystal lift until winds lay down. 8:15 update: It is snowing and blowing currently with wind on the top at 10-20 mph and gusty. Visibility is reduced off and on due to blowing snow, but 1/4 of a mile at the worst. Power returned to the Mountain 4am. Groomers reported in at 5am with 8 inches on the 24 hour stake and 2 inches of snow on the overnight. Skies are partly cloudy with stars above and moon showing through, the lights of Kalispell shining. Wind is coming from the south at 10-15 mph and gusty, on the slopes 0-5 mph with many areas totally protected being north facing. Temperature has been dropping and snow showers expected off and on during the day. There will be pockets and drifts of powder around as wind and snow were paired yesterday afternoon.