1/23/14 Thrifty Thursday

By Peg on

8:30 update: Sitting above a big pillow of inversion. Temperature warmed to 20 degrees and the windsock is hanging straight down. It is going to be a good one, get up here for THRIFTY THURSDAY. Groomers reported in this morning at 5 am with the temperature at 18 degrees F. Just a touch of snow over night as clouds have cleared out, high pressure redeveloping and air drying. The inch of new snow yesterday is mixing in well on the groomers andĀ  powder on packĀ  everywhere else. Lovely soft cruising yesterday and more of that today. It is THRIFTY THURSDAY so come up out of the foggy bottom valley floor, we should see sunshine and warming temps today, wind is calm. $25 for a full day of fun on the slopes!