By Peg on

2:00 update: Snowing again, 11 degrees F, no wind, FABULOUS. 9:30 update: Layer hanging in over the mountain top, visibility 1/4 mile, no longer snowing, light wind 3-4 mph from the south. Temperature at 10 degrees F.¬†Groomers reported in at 5am this Friday morning the last day of January with 10 inches of new snow on the 24 hour stake, 2 inches over night. Yesterday was an outstanding day, “best of this year” , “one of the top 5 ever” was what we kept hearing. Today is going to be amazing as well as snow fell all day long and then lightly through the night, still sifting down. The temperature is 7 degrees F with wind 3-4 mph from the south on the mountain top, calm on the slopes. The lights of Kalispell are visible, slightly reduced visibility due to snowfalling. Best groomers in 3 weeks and tons of POWDER, you better get up here! All this new snow 21 inches in 48 hours, just in time to make Winterfest tomorrow an extra beautiful winter playground. Put your team together for the Family Cup and join in the fun, racing starts at 10 am.