2/7/14 Open 100%

By Peg on

8:30 update: snowing, 5 degrees F, wind 5 mph South, quarter mile visibility. COME ON UP! Temperature is inverted, watch the temp climb as you’re headed up the mountain. Groomers reported in this Friday morning with a temperature of 0 degrees F, their shift began with a reading of -10F, the warm-up has begun. At 5am it is snowing lightly and there’s a slight wind from the south at 5 mph, calm on the north facing slopes. Since last open the snow stake reads 6 inches of new snow. There has been some drifting and shifting around but a nice layer of soft lovely snow awaits. A moist Pacific system is moving in bringing snow and moderating temperature. It is still cold, so dress for it, but it is going to be a good day to catch some powder.