2/14/14 SWEET

By Peg on

12:30 update: Wind has picked up a bit 8-11 mph from the south east and temp now at 25.9. It is snowing lightly, blowing here on top but protected by north facing aspect. It is filling in as quickly as it is being tracked. 9:15 update: Patrol reporting snow falling at an inch an hour with wind out of the south at 5mph. All lifts running with Crystal snow especially fresh (not open yesterday). SWEETNESS! Excellent Everywhere! Groomers called in this Valentines Day morning at 5 am with 5 inches of new snow on the 24 hour stake. Yesterday was a blustery day with snow coming down heavily in the morning, finally clearing in the afternoon and lovely creamy snow that just kept filling in. Thunderhead was the place to be, out of the wind with tracks to be made all day. This morning it is 19 degrees with a south wind at 5 mph and high thin clouds above, moon shining through. The groomers are going to be great and powder still to be found. The forecast is for snow moving in this afternoon. Bring your sweetheart and make some turns together!