2/18/14 Open this Tuesday

By Peg on

noon update: Temperature at 26, wind 1-3 mph SE and clouds increasing. Should see snow start this afternoon and go into the evening. 10:15 update: Patrol reports everything skiing/boarding great on all slopes. Visibility is unlimited and wind is calm. Temperature has warmed to 21.7 degrees F. Groomers reporting in this Tuesday morning with 4 inches on the 24 hour stake, 2 on the overnight. Snow fell early on their shift with most of the night sifting snow down off and on, they have been grooming out some great corduroy for your enjoyment today. It is  16 degrees F with wind from the SE at 4-6 mph and a settled base of 100 inches. The forecast is for accumulating snow to fall again later in the day and through the evening. Currently there is a light snow sifting down, not enough to obscure visibility and lights of Kalispell can be seen.