2/19/14 Powder Wednesday

By Peg on

9:00 update: Patrol reporting ankle to mid-chin powder on all slopes, groomers excellent. Wind at the top gusting 10-15 mph, unlimited visibility. BEAUTIFUL!  Groomers reporting in this morning with 6 inches on the 24 hour stake, 4 on the overnight and snowing at 5am. Temperature at 15 degrees F, wind from the south at 6-8 mph. Powder Wednesday feel to the day, even though we have been open every day, as most has come since closing Tuesday and IT’S BEEN SNOWING EVERY DAY! Wind is moving snow around a bit and it is fresh fresh fresh. Top of the mountain you will feel the gusts, drop onto the north facing runs and it’s more calm. Visibility has been in and out, reduced due to snow,  and clouds moving up and down. More snow, more fun, WAHOO.