By Peg on

2:00 update: Patrol reporting that the terrain park is SHRED READY, they have been working over there all day. Still snowing, slight wind at 2-5 mph but temp has fallen to 2 degrees F. Folks are dressed for it and enjoying great snow. 9:45 update: Patrol reporting wind at 5-10 and temperature of 5 degrees F with visibility of 500 yards. It is snowing big flakes and conditions are excellent. It is just winter up here and everyone enjoying the conditions! No blizzard, NOAA defines blizzard as 35+ mph winds expected to be sustained for 3+ hours with considerable snow falling or blowing reducing visibility. Groomers reporting in this last day of February at 5am with snow falling lightly. At about 3am it started sifting down and has been since, lights of Kalispell still visible and clouds above, accumulation is just a half an inch. We had snow dumping mid afternoon yesterday with temps reaching high twenties. There’s wind from the north at 5 mph and the temperature is 9.5 degrees F. Looking back through the months reports we have only had 2 days with no fresh snow to report! Predicted blizzard conditions have not shown up here. Check weather station and web cam. Often storms driven from the north loose gusto as they come through the valley. The snow is great.