By Peg on

12:30 Courtney just came in after a morning skiing all over the mountain” people are crazy for not being out there” you can still get a half day in! 9:20 Patrol reporting conditions are perfectly groomed, plenty of powder and EVERYTHING riding wonderfully, getting the most out of winter up on Blacktail. Groomers reporting in this Friday morning at 5 am with snow gently sifting down, wind calm and temperature at 14 degrees. Snow fell heavily the last few hours of yesterday and fresh measures 5 inches on the 24 hour stake, one inch on the overnight. Spring has backed off and conditions are great powder, packed powder with soft carving corduroy. If you don’t have a season pass, buy one now for 2014-15 and use the rest of this season, there’s lots of time to get tremendous value out of that and enjoy the amazing season we are having now! This weekend looking forward to the GS sponsored by the Blacktail Ski Team, anyone may participate, come test your racing skill on Saturday. The Mini Shred Slopesyle Competition will be Sunday in the terrain park with slopestyle BBQ, come show your style or just come watch the fun.