By Peg on

10:10 update: Sun is shining and temperature has climbed 10 degrees. Patrol reporting excellent conditions on groomers, bottom a little firm, won’t take long. Nice little touch of powder!¬†update 5:30 am: Groomer calling in with snow falling pretty good, no April Fools, just Springtime in Montana! Groomers reporting in this Wednesday morning at 5 am having worked with 2 inches of snow recieved since closing on Sunday. Most of the night was clear with high thin clouds just moving in, no new snow overnight. The temperature at 24 degrees with wind calm. The new snow tilled in nicely for soft carving corduroy and Sundays tracks filled in with 2 inches of powder where no grooming was done. This is the last full week of operation, open Wednesday through Sunday. We will open April 12/13 for the weekend with another possible weekend depending on participation and conditions. There’s still a mountain of snow up here to enjoy and north facing makes it even better, don’t miss out!