Saturday12/20/14 OPENING DAY

Groomer reporting in this Saturday morning at 5am  under high broken clouds with a temperature of 20 degrees, light wind from the south and occasional snow flurry. Yesterday brought 4 inches of new snow, fresh powder for this Opening Day. Thunderhead will be open to the midstation with really good conditions, Olympic open top to bottom and the Handletow in operation. It is going to be a fun day on the slopes. The forecast is for snow again later in the day and overnight.

Friday 12/19/14

An inch of snow overnight, 2 inches in the past 24 hours with snow in the forecast today and tonight. It is 26 degrees with wind from the SSW at 3-6 mph.

Tomorrow is opening day of the 2014-15 Season. We will have Thunderhead open to midstation, Olympic open top to bottom and the handletow in operation. Get ready for some fun on the slopes.

Thursday 12/11/14

It is snowing this Thursday morning at 8 am. The percentages have been climbing up with weather on the radar, looking for some accumulation today!

We will be opening this Saturday December 20th and on our holiday season everyday through January 4th.

Wednesday 12/17/14

Just a dusting of new snow this Wednesday morning. There’s some weather on the radar over in Seattle and chances of new snow have been increased to 40% by this evening.

We will be opening Saturday for the 2014-15 Season and on our holiday schedule, every day through January 4th.

Tuesday 12/16/14

Temperature 17 degrees this Tuesday morning at 6am with no wind and high thin clouds. Chance of light snow with increasing accumulation forecast for Wednesday into Thursday. No new snow in the past 24 hours. Continue to prepare base for Saturday opening and looking forward to the 2014-15 Season.


Temperature this morning at 16.9 degrees with light wind from the SSW at 0-3 mph. High pressure has moved in with temperatures more like normal, inversion moved out. Forecast is for a clearing day and the next chance of snow late Tuesday. With snow recieved over the weekend we can now say we will open by Saturday. The upper mountain is in good shape and  we are grooming the bottom carefully and meticulously.

Sunday 12/14/14

11:30 AM update: We received an additional inch overnight and are busy track packing for base.

Groomer coming on yesterday at noon found 3-4 inches of fresh snow and by the time he left at 4 pm 8 inches had accumulated and it was still snowing. Temperature this morning is at 21.4 degrees with no wind. Lingering clouds persist with few scattered flakes. Will report back later this morning when groomer gets on the mountain. Just what was needed!