Sunday 22/1/15

NOON and it is SNOWING! 10 update: Temperature at 20 degrees with wind 5 from the south. Great groomers, edge to edge, soft & carvey. Snow showing up on the radar, will be here soon! Groomers reporting in this Sunday morning at 5am with a little dusting of snow, light snow for a few hours now having cleared. We had a few flakes fall during the day yesterday as well. Later today the forecast is 80% chance for accumulating amounts of snow to fall. The slopes have been tilled out and the corduroy today looking  really nice, sugary soft. Wind is very light 0-2 mph and the temperature is 15 degrees with unlimited visibility, stars above and lights below. It is February, come on up and enjoy.

Saturday 1/31/15

10:45 update: Clouds have lifted for unlimited visibility and snow is lightly falling. Groomers soft and carvey, fast & fun! Groomers reporting in this Saturday morning at 5am with partly cloudy skies. The temperature is at 23 degrees and wind 8-10 SW, no wind being felt on the slopes. The valley floor is fogged in again while clouds above are high, thin and broken on the mountain. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with smooth carving groomers, it looks to be the case again today so come on up, get out of the fog and enjoy the slopes. The forecast is to head back into winter beginning today with increasing chance of snow through the weekend.

Friday 01/30/2015

update 10:50= Beautiful sunshine and miles of great corduroy to cruise and carve, get out of the valley fog and enjoy! Temperature warming, the 40+ degrees on the weather page is the result of full sun on the instrument, currently 27 degrees. Groomers reporting in this Friday morning at 5 am with no new snow and no wind, the temperature at 25 degrees. It is clear above and the lights of Kalispell are visible through a thin layer of fog on the valley floor.  Everything open top to bottom, yesterday crews spent much of the day fine tuning the lower mountain on Thunderhead. The groomed runs will be riding nicely today again with sun shine and warming temperatures the firm pack softens. Forecasters are puzzling over the weather models and expecting a system dropping out of Alberta tomorrow bringing light snow. Come up cruise and carve the corduroy. Enjoy the day on the slopes, get invigorated!


11:30 update with sun shining and groomers in good shape. Things off groomed softening and THRIFTY THURSDAY makes it all the more special. Groomers reported in this morning at 5 am with stars above, perfectly clear with Kalispell lights shining through a bank of fog and Columbia Falls not visible. The temperature is 22 degrees and has remained the same all night with light wind from the south at 5mph, no wind felt on the slopes. They have been tilling out some smooth corduroy for cruising, easier tonight than last, better by the day. Since freezing temperatures have returned over night the groomers have been able to put in more miles. Lower Thunderhead will be close temporarily this morning to allow some additional grooming to be done in the daylight. Another day with sunshine, slopes will soften as temps warm and north facing will allow for the best in spring like conditions. It is THRIFTY THURSDAY, all day for $25, come up and get your sun fix. Forecast is for more winter like weather to return with the possibility of snow by the weekend.

Wednesday 1/28/15

10:45 update= Beautiful day with sun shining, temperature at 32 degrees with light wind coming from the south west on mountain top. Groomers are the place to be with nicely tilled out corduroy. Off groomed firm, will soften through the day with warming temps. Groomers reporting in this Wednesday morning at 5 am with a temperature of 27 degrees, light wind from the south at 9mph. The sky is clear above with just a thin layer of low hanging fog over Kalispell, lights still visible. Firm conditions with temperatures returning to normal after days of spring like weather. Machines are tilling out nice corduroy for your cruising. The upper mountain will ride the best, will decide on lower Thunderhead as patrol gets out and assesses conditions. Runs groomed on Thunderhead to midway.

Sunday 1/25/2014

10am update: Temperature warming at 37. Patrol reporting off piste skiing soft, little firm and quickly softening on groomers. Early morning grooming on Cold Camp & Blacktail. A fun day on the slopes yesterday with Family Cup Races, everyone enjoying springlike conditions in January! Should be more of the same today with temperature remaining warm. Little to no grooming done overnight due to the temperature staying in the 34-36 degree range. Wind is coming from the SE at 8-11 mph under partly cloudy skies. Forecast indicates little chance of precip with high pressure and warm air trending into tomorrow.


Winterfest 1/24/2015 Saturday

10:45 update: Blue sky showing through, unlimited visibility. It feels like spring! 9:15 update from Patrol: Springlike temps today are holding at 34 degrees, there’s a thin layer on the top, clearing half way down Olympic. Skiing like really good spring conditions. Groomers reporting in this Saturday morning at 5 am with temperature at 33 degrees and light sprinkling off and on. Visibility at a quarter mile with a low layer of cloud/fog hanging over. Warm temperature will make it a bit springlike with soft snow. Today is Winterfest in Lakeside, Somers. Here on Blacktail Mountain with the FAMILY CUP RACE for skiers and boarders on Emmons Ridge, signup on line or on the mountain, the race runs at 11. Sportsman Ski Haus on the slopes with a DEMO DAY and snow bar will be set up midslope with food and drink.