Friday 2/27/15

Groomers reported in this Friday morning at 5am under high thin clouds with no new snow for the day. The temperature is 16 degrees with wind calm everywhere. They have tilled out soft smooth corduroy to enjoy, the slopes have been skiing and boarding really nice. There’s some activity on the radar, slight chance of snow in the forecast. February winding down, will celebrate Seuss on Sunday March 1 with a scavenger hunt for the kids.


10:30 update: Corduroy is soft carving & cruising. Off piste “surprisingly great”! Warming, no wind. Fresh making for more fun! Groomers reporting in this Thursday morning at 5am with 2 inches of new snow and snow falling. The temperature 11.3 degrees with wind from the NE at 4-8 mph. Snow started to fall about 9:30 and has continued through the night leaving new light fluffy layer. Yesterday was a really good day on the slopes top to bottom and today there’s icing on the cake! It is Thrifty Thursday, $25 for a full day of fun!

Wednesday 2/25/15

1:15 update= groomers are carving great top to bottom all over the mountain. Temp at 30 degrees with no wind. Soft and fast, cloud hanging over, still chance of snow in the forecast. 9:30 update: Temperature at 28 degrees, no wind and the sun is coming out. Patrol reporting the groomers are perfect and off piste looking good as well. Groomers reporting in this Wednesday morning at 5 am, temperature at 20 degrees, light wind from the NE with occasional gusts. There’s a trace of new snow and it has been trying to snow since about 3am, clouds above with the lights of the valley visible. The forecast showing chance of snow all this week. All lifts are running top to bottom, 100% open. Groomers are rolling out fresh corduroy on packed powder for  your enjoyment today!

Sunday 2/22/2015

11 am: still climbing 23.5 degrees, no wind and 2/22 nice! 9:15 update= Temperature rapidly warming, glades skiing nicely, groomers excellent. Sun shining, it is glorious! Check weather station and web cam for current conditions. Groomers reporting in this Sunday morning at 5am under clear skies with cold air having settled in. On the 24 hour stake one inch of snow, no new snow over night. The inch of new came in on the tail end of the 4 inches of new powder yesterday and there is still powder to be found. Groomers have been tilling out fresh soft corduroy. Wind from the north late yesterday moved snow around a bit and filled up tracks, no wind this morning. Temperature at 4.5 degrees, sun is going to shine and warm things up. Dress for winter, going to be a great day on the slopes. We are 100% open, top to bottom.

100 % OPEN, Saturday 2/21/2015

1:40 Sun is shining, snow is excellent, Great Day! 9:40 update: Excellent condition, top to bottom consistency the same. Cold smoke in the glades & Pochelons feeling like greater than 4 inches. No wind and temp at 14 degrees. Groomers reporting in this Saturday morning at 5am with 4 inches of new snow, 3 inches having fallen during the day and another inch over night. The current temperature is 16 degrees with wind out of the NE 2mph and it has started snowing again. We will be 100 % OPEN today with all lifts running and all runs covered in powder and packed powder. The second session of 5 week Snow Sports Programs begins today. Dress for winter, it is going to be a fun day on the slopes, top to bottom!

Friday 2/20/2015

9:40 It is SNOWING! Temp 24, wind from SW 3-7 mph. Groomed runs really nice carving & cruising. Groomers reporting in at 5am this Friday morning with just a trace of snow, temperature at 23 degrees and light wind from the southwest 5-10 mph. Unlimited visibility with clouds hanging over and making an effort to snow, the forecast still showing a 60% chance. The machines have been tilling out and laying down soft carving corduroy for carving and cruising. Again the groomers are the place to be everyone enjoying the crystalline corn snow, off groomed firm yet grippy not slippy. All lifts are running with the bottom of Thunderhead closed below the intermediate station, needing more snow before it can open.


10:15 update: Groomers soft carving and cruising. Temp at 31 degrees with slight wind from the SW 5mph. Skies a little overcast. Off piste variable, softening with temp warming. Groomers reported in early this Thursday morning with no new snow, temperature at 24 degrees and light wind from the SW 8mph. Machines have been busy tilling, doing their magic. Every day that it freezes over night the groomers get better, leaving great carving corduroy. Yesterday’s riders commenting on how much fun it was with crystalline corny snow making for great carving. Today is Thrifty Thursday come up and enjoy the slopes for just $25. Forecasters telling us this afternoon will begin a transition to cold snowy weather. All lifts running, lower Thunderhead is closed.