Sunday 1/25/2014

10am update: Temperature warming at 37. Patrol reporting off piste skiing soft, little firm and quickly softening on groomers. Early morning grooming on Cold Camp & Blacktail. A fun day on the slopes yesterday with Family Cup Races, everyone enjoying springlike conditions in January! Should be more of the same today with temperature remaining warm. Little to no grooming done overnight due to the temperature staying in the 34-36 degree range. Wind is coming from the SE at 8-11 mph under partly cloudy skies. Forecast indicates little chance of precip with high pressure and warm air trending into tomorrow.


Winterfest 1/24/2015 Saturday

10:45 update: Blue sky showing through, unlimited visibility. It feels like spring! 9:15 update from Patrol: Springlike temps today are holding at 34 degrees, there’s a thin layer on the top, clearing half way down Olympic. Skiing like really good spring conditions. Groomers reporting in this Saturday morning at 5 am with temperature at 33 degrees and light sprinkling off and on. Visibility at a quarter mile with a low layer of cloud/fog hanging over. Warm temperature will make it a bit springlike with soft snow. Today is Winterfest in Lakeside, Somers. Here on Blacktail Mountain with the FAMILY CUP RACE for skiers and boarders on Emmons Ridge, signup on line or on the mountain, the race runs at 11. Sportsman Ski Haus on the slopes with a DEMO DAY and snow bar will be set up midslope with food and drink.

Friday 1/23/2015

update 10: Patrol reports great conditions on the slopes, still soft in the glades and groomers carving lovely long turns. Top 400 yards with a little thin stratus, below that unlimited visibility. Groomers reporting in this Friday morning at 5am with snow lightly falling. Temperature at 26 degrees and no wind to speak of. A little more than a dusting at half an inch, off and on light flakes since 1:30 with little change in the temperature and very light wind all night. Visibility is reduced, mostly at the very top of the mountain due to the snow fall and low lying cover. The forecast shows continued chance of light snow with not a lot of moisture currently on the radar and increasing possibility of snow tonight. Today is the start of Lakeside/Somers Winterfest, check out the schedule on our home page. Tomorrow we will have the Family Cup Race on Emmons Ridge, the bump start is there, ready to go. Sportsman Ski Haus will be on the mountain with DEMOs and there will be a SNOW BAR set up with food/drink. Come up and practice your racing moves today. Fresh snow is mixing in nicely for the groomers making for even better conditions than we have been enjoying all week!

Thrifty Thursday 1/22/15

10:30 update: Patrol reporting great conditions, packed powder, nicely tilled groomers and still soft off piste. Temperature up to 26 degrees. Groomers reporting in this morning at 5am a little warmer start to the day than yesterday at 22 degrees with stars above and lights of the valley below. There’s a thin layer of stratus and light wind from the south. Everyone raved about the snow conditions yesterday, should be much of the same today with no new snow to report and groomers rolling out the corduroy. There’s a chance of snow tonight with weather sitting on the radar in Seattle. It is Thrifty Thursday, take advantage of great conditions for $25 today! This weekend is Winterfest in Lakeside, Family Cup Race Saturday up here on Emmons Ridge, put your team together and have some fun on the slopes.

Wednesday 1/21/2015

update 10 :15= Already warmed to 19 degrees, beautiful sunny day! Great snow. Groomers reporting in this Wednesday morning at 5am with clear skies all night long and temperature at 14 degrees, no wind and no new snow. High pressure is building, temperature will warm with sunshine today. Come up and enjoy awesome views while cruising the slopes. Get your race legs ready for the Family Cup this Saturday. Fun filled weekend in Lakeside with a full schedule of Winterfest Events.

MLK 1/19/2015

10 am update: Unlimited visibility with light wind at 6 mph on top calm on the slopes. Patrol reporting great conditions, everything filled in and lovely. 6:50 update: Wind seems to be letting down a bit, most definitely on the north slopes. Reading down to 6mph, still gusts. Groomers reporting in this Martin Luther King Day at 5 am with stars above and lights below. The temperature reading 22 degrees and the wind blowing about the same. It has been a blustery night with no new snow, but some snow moving around. The glades have filled in wonderfully with fresh tracks to be made. Two inches on the 24 hour stake that fell early in the day Sunday. The forecast is calling for possible snow later this morning. Powder/packed powder and soft carving machine groomed slopes, take advantage of this federal holiday, an open Monday on Blacktail Mountain! We will be closed tomorrow and back to our regular Wednesday through Sunday schedule with Winterfest next weekend.

Sunday 1/18/2015

10:30 update: temperature is falling a bit 27 degrees, and wind easing but still gusty 7-17SW mph, Visibility unlimited. Creamy great snow!!! Seahawks & Packers game will be on the screens. Groomers reporting in at 5 am with 7 inches of new snow and quarter sized flakes still coming down. It has been snowing all night with temperature currently at 28 degrees and wind from the south at 6-10 mph. The forecast is for continued snow fall this morning followed up with colder dryer air moving in. The groomers are beautiful having been given multiple passes, they are going to cruise wonderfully, there’s going to be a  layer of fresh depending on the order of preparation. Fluffy snow for the powder hounds. Get on up and enjoy! We will be open tomorrow for Martin Luther King Day.