Thursday 3/5/15

10:30 temperature has warmed to 28 degrees, sun poking through at times. Pockets of powder in Glades & Pochelons, lots of tracks left on Crystal with corduroy soft smooth carving. 9:15 update: high thin clouds blocking sun, temp warmed to 24 and snow excellent. Groomers reported in at 5am with no new snow, warmer start of the day at 18 degrees, light wind from the south at 6 mph and calm on the slopes. Yesterday was a glorious day with six new inches making for powder skiing and sunshine, beautiful bluebird day. Today should be similar with lots of tracks still to be found and soft carving groomers, another sunny day. Conditions on the mountain are some of the best in the west, coverage top to bottom with north facing slopes and all natural snow. Today is THRIFTY THURSDAY, full day adult/teen tickets for $25. Welcome to the Evenson gathering!


9:45 update: Patrol finding pockets that are 2 feet deep, snow cold smoke with some body to it, great skiing/boarding. Temps warming and no wind. Groomer reported at 5am with 6 new inches of powder to report since close on Sunday. Snow came on Monday with some wind and moved around a bit so all runs filled in groomed nicely and waiting for your tracks. It is a POWDER WEDNESDAY! Currently 8.4 degrees it will warm quickly with sunshine. Wind at the mountain top 6mph from the SW, calm on our north facing slopes. It is going to be a fabulous day of soft carving corduroy on the groomers and POWDER every where else. Come up and enjoy winter. Bring sunscreen, camera and dress in layers.

Seuss Sunday 3/1

10 am update: Bright and clear, mountains looming white and near. Temp warming 22 degrreees, slight south breazzzze. Sunshine, fun time! Groomers reporting in at 5 am this first day of March with clear skies, no new snow. It is going to be a sunny funny day today celebrating Seuss! The temperature currently at 10 degrees will warm quickly as it has these past few days with sun shine so fine. Light wind from the south. It is cold be clear, though spring is near, it is winter up here. The snow is fast, soft and carvey. Off piste pretty marvey. Come up enjoy the season, along with great conditions, Seuss Scavenger Hunt for kids a good reason!

Saturday 2/28/15

9:30 update: groomers smooth, fast and carving beautifully. The glades and Pochelons still finding untracked. Ten degrees on top of Crystal and warming in the sun. Follow your shadow down and enjoy sun on your face on the way back up! 8:15 Sun shining, temps warming. Looking like a great day! Groomers reported in this Saturday, the last day of February, with no new snow on the 24 hour. It is a cold start of the day at 3 degrees and wind at 6 from the NE. Dress warmly with layers, the sun is going to shine with unlimited visibility. Machines have laid out soft carving corduroy, top to bottom, 100% open. The skiing and boarding has been fantastic, fast and fun. It is winter on the mountain. Come up and enjoy the snow.

Friday 2/27/15

2:00 update: What a good week we have had up here “every day better than the last” said Diane E. 11:00 temps warmed to 22, unlimited visibility under partly cloudy skies and everything riding really nicely. Groomers reported in this Friday morning at 5am under high thin clouds with no new snow for the day. The temperature is 16 degrees with wind calm everywhere. They have tilled out soft smooth corduroy to enjoy, the slopes have been skiing and boarding really nice. There’s some activity on the radar, slight chance of snow in the forecast. February winding down, will celebrate Seuss on Sunday March 1 with a scavenger hunt for the kids.


10:30 update: Corduroy is soft carving & cruising. Off piste “surprisingly great”! Warming, no wind. Fresh making for more fun! Groomers reporting in this Thursday morning at 5am with 2 inches of new snow and snow falling. The temperature 11.3 degrees with wind from the NE at 4-8 mph. Snow started to fall about 9:30 and has continued through the night leaving new light fluffy layer. Yesterday was a really good day on the slopes top to bottom and today there’s icing on the cake! It is Thrifty Thursday, $25 for a full day of fun!

Wednesday 2/25/15

1:15 update= groomers are carving great top to bottom all over the mountain. Temp at 30 degrees with no wind. Soft and fast, cloud hanging over, still chance of snow in the forecast. 9:30 update: Temperature at 28 degrees, no wind and the sun is coming out. Patrol reporting the groomers are perfect and off piste looking good as well. Groomers reporting in this Wednesday morning at 5 am, temperature at 20 degrees, light wind from the NE with occasional gusts. There’s a trace of new snow and it has been trying to snow since about 3am, clouds above with the lights of the valley visible. The forecast showing chance of snow all this week. All lifts are running top to bottom, 100% open. Groomers are rolling out fresh corduroy on packed powder forĀ  your enjoyment today!