November 24, 2014

4 inches of new snow over the weekend. Forecast shows potential for a heavy snow event tonight into Wednesday. Building base necessary for opening, will post as soon as we have a date. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, come see us at the Sportsman this Friday and put the Old Man Winter Party on your calendar (December 6th at the Tamarack).

November 21, 2014

An inch of new snow overnight.  Inversion beginning to break up. Look for system to move in Saturday afternoon with chance of significant accumulation. Could see snow falling well into next week!


olysnow_11-14We are getting ready for the 2014-2015 Season! Last weekend brought a foot of snow, wind on the mountain top and bitter cold. Temps allowed for track packing on the top of Thunderhead, all of Olympic and mid Crystal (top wind blown). Typically we open the first or second week of December, it all depends on snow. So, think snow and get ready.

2014-2015 Quickly Approaching

It’s time to get ready for the upcoming snow season. Visit the employment page for excellent job opportunities; and make sure to purchase your 2014-2015 season pass.


A great note to end on with a perfect Spring Day on the slopes. Thankyou for a wonderful season.

4/13/14 too good to miss!

9:50 update: Patrol reporting groomers awesome, EXCELLENT CONDITIONS top to bottom. Spring Skiing at it’s absolute best!! Groomers reporting in this morning with 2 inches of new snow on the 24 hour stake. Yesterday was a crazy day starting out with fog moving in that was thicker than Kurt had seen in his 16 years of working at Blacktail! In lifting it did not burn off, it SNOWED and the day just kept getting better. Heard alot of “boy I’m glad I didn’t miss it” as the snow mixed in and temps warmed, clouds finally lifted completely late in the afternoon for the beautiful views. Today we are starting out at 11 degrees with slight breeze and high thin clouds. Expect temperature to warm and increased sunshine. The snow is great with the 4+ inches of the last two days having mixed in really nicely for great groomers and the glades riding beautifully too.  Purchase your 2014-15 Season Pass and use it today, other Montana ski area season pass holders get the half day rate as do college IDs. We are enjoying alot of winter this spring up here on Blacktail out on the slopes. Boy you had better not miss it!


11:15 update: SNOWING 9:15 Visibility 5 chairs this morning, unusual but should burn off shortly. Groomers reporting in this Saturday morning at 5am under northern lights with 2 inches of new snow. With an influx of cold air from Canada snow fell early in the night then clearing for a light show with calm wind and temperature of 26 degrees. New snow has groomed in nicely. Another day with fresh snow for this extra snowy season, purchase your 2014-15 Season Pass and use it for the rest of this season, early bird rates end May 16. Bring your shades, sunscreen and cameras it’s going to be a beautiful day on the slopes.