Sunday 2/7/16

10am update: Clear skies with sun warming temp to 24 degrees. BEAUTIFUL BLUEBIRD DAY! Snow’s great for a super day on the slopes. Groomers reporting in at 5 am under clear skies with snow sparkling on the slopes. Two inches of new snow on the 24 hour stake no new snow overnight. High pressure has started to build, the temperature 17.4 degrees and wind light to 6mph from south west. Good chance we will have sunshine today with warming temperatures. Slopes in great shape, groomers laying out fresh soft carving corduroy and powder, packed powder having been refreshed all week. Next weekend will have an extra day, open Monday February 15th for Presidents’ Day.

Saturday 2/6/16

8:30 update: Temperature at 22 degrees and wind blowing at 14 mph SW. Visibility reduced due to snow falling and blowing. 6:30 update: POWER RESTORED! Groomers reported 2 new inches on the 24 hour stake an inch overnight. Bit of a blizzard blew through around 5am. Radar shows the system has moved past with little incoming. Waiting for the weather station to reset. Temperature has dropped to 22 degrees. Rock’s report from the rental shop… all’s well, we have lights! At 5am groomers reporting the power out on Blacktail Mountain. Keep checking for updates. 5:40 update: Flathead Electric working on the outage, hopefully up and running in time to open. Blizzard conditions seem to be subsiding can see the lights of the valley. Will keep updating on website.

Friday 2/5/16

10 update: Temperature climbing at 24 degrees and wind slacking off at 4-5 SW. Patrol reports groomers are great top to bottom, side to side with powder still to be found. Groomers reporting in at 5am under very high clouds with unlimited visibility. Just a trace of snow overnight, 2 inches on the 24 hour having fallen early yesterday after the morning report. Temperature at 19.8 degrees and wind from the west 5-10 mph. Conditions on the slopes packed powder and machine groomed, riding really nicely mountain wide! This weekend is the last day of the first 5 week snow sports program for Young Fawns, Blacktails and Bucks. There will be a break for Presidents’ Days long weekend and programs starting up for the second session February 20/21st. Tomorrow the Singing Sons of Beaches will be playing 3:30 apres ski up in Muleys for your enjoyment.


Patrol reporting at 9:30 with nice layer of new snow and great conditions. Wind on top of mountain 15-17 mph not being felt off the top. Groomers reporting in at 5am this THRIFTY THURSDAY morning with 4 inches of new snow and snow falling. The temperature is 18 degrees, wind from the south 4-6mph. Visibility reduced due to the falling snow. Another wonderful day of fresh powder and cruising corduroy all for the bargain price of $25 today. Snow forecast to continue into the weekend.

Wednesday 2/3/16

9:30 update: Temperature climbing with sunshine and blue skies. What a day to be on the slopes! Groomers reporting in at 5am this POWDER WEDNESDAY with 5.5 inches on the stake since Sundays report. They have been working under mostly clear skies overnight. It looks to be a great day of riding on freshly laid out, soft carving corduroy and POWDER. Visibility is unlimited, temp is 8.6 degrees and not a breath of wind. This coming Saturday the SINGING SONS OF BEACHES will be playing apres ski in Muleys and it will be the last day of the first 5 week Snow Sports Program.

Sunday January 31, 2016

noon update: visibility quarter mile, temp at 20 degrees, wind 3 SW and snowing intermittently. 10:00 update: It is snowing heavily and wind has dropped off. Patrol reporting inch an hour snowfall with visibility reduced to quarter mile due to snow falling. Groomers reporting in at 5am this last day of January with a trace of new snow. Skies were starlit until about 3am, high clouds have moved in and snow is sifting down. Lights of the valley are visible with temperature 15.8 degrees and wind 7-10 WNW. Powder, packed powder and machine groomed slopes with miles of soft carving corduroy freshly laid out. Forecast is for light snow flurries scattered through the day. It is a winter wonderland, come up and enjoy.

Saturday 1/30/16

11 am update: Temperature at 20 degrees, wind 7 and conditions AMAZING!!! Groomers reporting in with 7 inches of powder snow on the stake. Snow began falling yesterday afternoon continuing with big flakes, fading off about 4am with skies partially cleared and visibility unlimited this morning at 5am. Slopes uncrowded yesterday, fresh lines today! Temperature is 18 degrees with wind 5-15 from the SW, calmer on north slopes. It is going to be a great day for the powder hounds and soft carving groomers to cruise. The forecast calls for scattered snow possible, clouds are high stars showing through currently. Check the weather station and web cam for current conditions.