We want to thank our loyal customers for a great season. The snow was plentiful and the participation was good. NOAA is calling for “La Nina” next winter, so get the best deal on your 2016-2017 Season Pass by purchasing it before May 15th.


10 update: Patrol reports groomers soft carving  and off piste softening with sun. Very bottom of the mountain going to take a little longer where north facing keeps shaded. Come on up and enjoy great Spring Skiing conditions on this the last day of the season. Groomers reported in this morning at 5am with temperature at 37 degrees and wind from the SW at 8-12 mph. Looks like a day much like we had yesterday with temperature above normal and apt to reach near record warm again. The snow is firm this morning and will quickly soften as the sun comes out. It is Spring Skiing, be sure to put the sunscreen on, dress in layers and wear your shades. The machines have been tilling up corduroy for your carving and cruising. Come on up and enjoy the last day of the season!

Saturday 4/2/16

9:30 update: Patrol reporting groomers are lovely, all tilled up nicely for cruising and carving. Off piste still a touch firm, softening quickly. It is a beautiful Spring Day on the slopes. Get it while you can! Groomers reporting in this Saturday morning at 5am with crescent moon shining bright in the sky and temperature at 38 degrees. No new snow, wind 5-10 from the west and unlimited visibility. Looks to be another beautiful day of spring skiing so put on the sunscreen and dress in layers. The machines have been grooming out corduroy and off groomed will begin firm and soften quickly in the sun. Purchase your 2016-17 Season Pass and ski on it for the rest of this season. We will be moving to weekends only in April, Saturdays and Sundays as snow conditions are good and participation warrants.

April 1, 2016

NOON update: Softening up nicely, groomers lovely, north slopes offering the best in Spring Skiing. Bring sunscreen! 9:50 update: Patrol reporting groomers riding great, off groomed a little firm yet. Temperature already at 43 degrees with little wind. It is a beautiful Spring Day with sun shining and temperature climbing. Groomers reporting in at 5 am this first day of April under clear skies with a temperature of 34 degrees. It is going to be a beautiful day of spring skiing, the sun will soften snow and warm temperature. There’s no new snow to report and wind is calm with unlimited visibility. This is our last full week of operation for the season, we will move to weekends only and be open Saturdays and Sundays in April as long as snow conditions and participation are good. Come on up and enjoy spring skiing, purchase your 2016-17 Season Pass and use for the rest of this season!

Thrifty Thursday March 31, 2016

Clouds have rolled in, but the wind is calm and it’s still 43 degrees out.  Groomers are skiing beautifully top to bottom, off-groomed has softened up quickly with all the morning sunshine. Skiing wonderfully and carving hard. Groomers reporting in this morning at 5 am with a trace of new snow overnight. It  snowed after midnight and has now stopped with skies clearing and can see the lights in the valley. Winds on top are light out of the North and calm on the slopes. The snow will be soft and fun. Its Thrifty Thursday! Come on up and ski all day for $25 or you can buy your 2016-2017 season pass and use it the rest of this year.

Wednesday March 30, 2016

Groomers are skiing excellent this Wednesday afternoon, with great corduroy top to bottom! Off-groomed is fun and softened up nicely. It’s a nice 43 degrees and the sun is poking through. Winds are a calm and visibility is unlimited. Groomers reported 4 inches of new snow since we closed Sunday. It will warm up as the sun comes up, and should be a great day of North slope spring skiing with winter quality snow! Check the web cam and weather station and we will give you an update when the patrol gets on the Mountain. Get you 16-17 season pass and use it the rest of this year!

Tuesday March 29th

Just looked at the webcam Tuesday morning at 9:30. It looks incredible, sunshine and new snow. I will stick my neck out and say it will be a powder Wednesday tomorrow!