Start thinking about Blacktail’s 2015-16 Season!

The “Old Farmer’s Almanac” predicts a “slew of snow………….and ……………. a white Christmas”.


I would like to thank our loyal customers for your support through the past ski season. It was an unusual season to say the least. December and January were great snow months, then February and March unseasonably dry. Our north slopes kept the snow very good, although we didn’t get as many powder days as we would have liked, but all in all it was OK until the “pineapple express” came through in mid March causing us to close some of the lower Mountain. Spring fever hit the valley, out came the bicycles, golf clubs and rakes. Saturday the 28th was our deciding day when we arrived in the morning to 35 mph winds with rain coming sideways. The forecast not good and the conditions were not satisfactory, so we made the decision to call it a season. The good news is that I have never seen this type of season happen two years in a row, so we look forward to a bountiful snow year next winter.

That being said, we hope you take advantage of our preseason pass sale thru May 15th and get the best value for your dollar. Have a great summer, we look forward to having you on Blacktail Mountain for the 2015-2016 Season.

Thank you,

Steve Spencer GM


We will be in the lodge this Sunday from 10 am ~2 pm for those who want to empty their seasonal lockers.

Saturday 3/28/15

8:30 CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. Yesterdays warm weather and rain overnight along with wind and wet snow have combined to make conditions unsatisfactory. Groomers and patrol making the call to close for the season with tomorrow expected to be too warm again. Apologize for the late call. Groomers reported in this Saturday morning with temperature reading 37 degrees and wind from the SSW at 8mph. New snow since we were last open has settled to 2 inches on the stake and has tilled up really nicely for fresh corn corduroy. With temperature remaining warm enough through the evening, it will be soft and lovely right off the start this morning. Temperature is falling, forecast is for colder front moving through by noon bringing off and on bursts of precip. Upper Thunderhead, Olympic and Mighty-Might are open for your cruising enjoyment. Purchase your 2015-16 Season Pass and use it today!

Thursday 3/26/15

We were up on the mountain yesterday in the afternoon and it was snowing with 3-4 inches having accumulated. Depending on what happens with temperatures we should have fresh snow for opening on Saturday March 28th.

Sunday 3/22/15

noon update: Temperature at top of Thunderhead 37 degrees and sun has done it’s job, all soft and lovely! Wonderful spring skiing on north slopes, natural snow. 9:30 update: Patrol reporting groomers smooth & fast, off piste softening up quickly. Groomers reported in 5 am this Sunday morning under clear skies, the temperature reading 25 degrees and wind slight at 4 mph SSE. There’s a trace of new snow. Yesterday was a crazy weather day with brief periods of gusty wind and snow, clearing and starting up again, ending in the sunshine. The temperature yoyoed, dropping dramatically by noon and climbing back up by days end. Today promises to be less variable with mostly sunny skies, increasing cloudiness later in the day. Another day of spring skiing, firmer in the early morning off piste and groomed runs tilled up nicely. Olympic, upper Thunderhead and the Mighty Might are open with Crystal remaining closed due to loss of snow and too variable conditions. We are moving to Saturdays and Sundays only and hoping that forecasted snow comes through this week.

Saturday 3/21/15

1:00 update: Snow moved out, temp holding at 33, wind 4S, clouds high, visibility unlimited and everything riding great. 11:20: not surprising in March the weather is changing quickly, it is snowing! Temperature falling and wind picking up. Just got report that the glades are skiing great and groomers excellent.  9:20 update: Patrol finding groomers soft and fast with temperature at 40 degrees and sun poking through. Off piste a tiny bit set up, should soften quickly. SPRINGLIKE. Groomers reported in this Saturday morning at 5am with temperature holding warm all night at 39 degrees. It is going to be a day of springlike conditions. Clouds are high and thin making for unlimited visibility with wind on top at 4-6 mph SE and calm on the slopes. Corduroy is laid out on the groomers for smooth soft cruising, Glades and Pochelons have been really fun. Forecast calling for cold front to move in bringing the chance of snow has been weakening in intensity, we will see what the day brings. Olympic and upper Thunderhead open, Crystal remains closed due to loss of snow and too variable conditions. After this weekend we will be moving to Saturday and Sundays only. Get on up and enjoy spring skiing on north facing slopes.