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By starting at the mountain top one immediately experiences any possible wind condition, however, once skiers and boarders drop onto the north facing runs, they find Blacktail Mountain to be nearly wind free. Most of the winds blow from the west and southwest, hitting the back side of the mountain, so the hill buffers the north side runs. There is seldom any fog, you will not see snow ghosts or rime on chairlifts. Checking the web cam from home one might find the sun is shining up on Blacktail while the valley is socked in. Even on bad weather days, you can see a quarter of a mile down runs. When north arctic winds race into Whitefish and Swan ranges, the cold air sucks down into the valleys and it can actually be warmer up on Blacktail Mountain than anywhere below. Wind meter sticks from time to time with snow and cold, check web cam for visual and remember you are seeing the mountain top and normally wind comes in from the south and our slopes are north facing and largely protected.